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SENANA EGF Eyelash Growth Serum Vitamin E Eyelash Enhancer Longer Fuller Thicker Lashes Eyelashes Eyebrows Enhancer Eye Care 7Ml

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  • Description

    Thick and long
    Curled and stylish
    Senana Eyelash Nourishing Liquid

    Name of Product: Senana Eyelash Nourishing Liquid
    Specification: 7ml
    Product functions: mildly nourish eyelash, create beautiful and curled eyelash and make eyes pretty and attractive
    Guarantee period: see the mark on the package for expired date.

    Does your eyelash have the following issues?
    Remove difficultly, easily mess the makeup, easily get residual, hurt eyelash and skin
    False eyelash
    Hurt eyes, pull and hurt eyelash and make the fine lines around eyes appear
    Graft eyelashes
    It is extremely costly, keeps short duration and easily hurts your own eyelashes.

    Nourishing, dense and long eyelashes
    Nourish deeply and mildly care
    Nourish hair root
    Dense and long
    Tough and black
    Curled and thick

    Curled eyelashes
    Mild ingredients can penetrate in the pores of the root of eyelashes to make eyelashes naturally curled.
    Long eyelashes
    Deeply nourish eyelashes, nourish the long eyelashes at the root of eyelashes

    Thick eyelashes
    The quantity of eyelashes, which needs nourishing, improves to shape thick eyelashes of upper and lower eyelids
    Black eyelashes
    Improve the lustre of eyelashes and make them black and bright

    Break the period of dormancy of eyelashes
    Make your eyelashes nourishing and long
    In the morning
    As the base solution of mascara,
    it can easily present long, curled and thick eyelashes and create beautiful and charming eyes
    At noon
    As the transparent mascara,
    it can make eyelashes elastic and lustrous and make your two eyes extremely charming
    In the evening
    As the care of eyelashes,
    it can nourish eyelashes at night, nourish the root of hair deeply and keep nourishing.

    Celebrities’ recommendation The effect is visible.
    If you want your eyelashes grow, you’d better stick to applying it.
    Mild ingredients make you rest assured.
    Mild ingredients can be applied boldly. It doesn’t matter even if it is dripped into eyes.
    Mildly nourish
    The Eyelash Serum I occasionally bought is easily used. The effect can be seen apparently.
    I have stuck to using it for about half a month. My eyelashes apparently become much longer. And it is so mild. Even if it enters my eyes, I don’t fear.
    Very nice.
    My eyelashes are naturally short and scarce. I want to try it, so I bought it. It feels so good and mild when applying it. After a period, my eyelashes really become longer. Now I wanna introduce it to the friends around me. I want my friends to be as beautiful as me.

    Whether it works, it can be seen apparently.
    We don’t know if it works unless we use it.
    Not only eyelashes, they can also be nourished.
    Nourish eyelashes
    Nourish the hairline
    Nourish hair on the temples

    Before and after

    Application method:
    Apply it onto the eyelash
    Use the brush to take a little nourishing serum, lightly apply it onto the root of eyelashes and apply it once in the morning, at noon and in the evening.
    Apply it onto the lower eyelashes
    Take a small amount of the nourishing liquid and apply by starting from the root along the direction of lower eyelashes.

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