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7 Day Eyelash Growth Serum Liquid Eyelash Enhancer Ginseng Treatment Lash Lift Eyes Lashes Mascara Long Thicker Nourishing Eye

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  • Description

    Eyelash Growth Serum Liquid Eyelash Enhancer Vitamin E Treatment Lash Lift Eyes Lashes Mascara Nourishing Eye care

    ▶ Natural Eyelashes, no more false lashes or extensions needed! Eyelash growth serum will penetrate hair follicles to stimulate lashes growth and make eyelash longer, fuller and thicker.

    ★ Fragrans Myristoyl Pentapeptide Nourishing Liquid

    ▶ From the power of Myristica Fragrans Pentapeptide – Witness real eyelashes
    ♥ Public beloved
    Real ☑ Long ☑ Curled ☑ Dense ☑

    ▶ 5 reasons of stopping us from having curled eyelashes
    1. Unbalanced internal secretion.
    2. Unbalanced seborrhoeic internal secretion. Dietary living habits.
    3. Lack nutrition.
    4. Degenerative aging.
    5. Harmful living and skin care habit, improper use of cosmetics products.

    ★ 5 Solutions

    1. Myristica Fragrans Myristoyl Pentapeptide
    Quickly repair hair follicle Promote the naturally long eyelashes and effectively reduce the falling phenomena sue to the aging of DHT.
    2. Biotin
    Vitamin H, Coenzyme prevents the falling of seborrhoeic eyelashes Promote the regeneration of hair and normal operation.
    3. Ginseng Root Extract
    4. DDDE
    Promote the stable eyelash root and optimize the root of hair follicle.
    5. Biotinoyl Tripetide-1
    Improve exoplasm, such as the synthesis of collagen IV and mucoprotein 5, and optimize the hair follicle structure. It is good for strengthening hair and hair follicles of dermis.

    ★ Revolutionary Extract Technology

    ▶ High Purity Eyelid Peptide High purity myristoyl mentapeptide, with concentration proportion of up to 8%, can really act on eyelid, stabilize the root of hair follicle of eyelid. It can directly supplement the nutrients long eyelid requires, so as to make natural, long and dense eyelid. It contains multiple vitamins and natural extracts and can cultivate healthy eyelashes and effectively improve the curling degree.

    ▶ More curled
    Have eyelashes apparently seen one by one, improve the curled degree, reach the golden proportion of eyes and eyelashes, enlarge eye outline and brighten two eyes.
    ▶ Longer
    Repair existed eyelashes, relive sleepy hair follicle, make eyelashes full and long, healthy, tough and not easily broken.
    ▶ Stronger
    Nourish eyelash hair follicles, eyelash are healthy and tough.
    ▶ Thicker
    Provide the nutrients for hair follicle, make stable and healthy hair follicle and wholly upgrade the density of hair follicle.

    ▶ This serum will get your eyelash to the length you want.

    ★ Simple application steps

    1. Using the makeup removal products can clean the makeup around eyes. And use the cleaning products to clean, so as to make sure of cleaning thoroughly.
    2. Wipe and clean eye skin and absorb all moisture, so as to make sure of the dry and not damp application area.
    3. Open the nourishing liquid and use the brush to take a small amount of the product and apply it onto the root of eyelashes. And lightly apply along the root of eyelashes, just like drawing the eyeliner. Please pay attention to avoid the inner eyelid and do not apply onto the lower eyelashes. The application brush head is especially designed for eyelashes.

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