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49 61 88 Key Soft Portable Midi Digital Controller Synthesizer Hand roll up Piano Electronic Piano Keyboard Musical Instruments

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  • Description

    88 key rechargeable roll up pianosoft silicone portable with MP3 player repeator lithium battery Default to ship english Panel,larger stock on store We can arrange to ship immediately,welcome your collection and shopping

    Package included

    1* hand roll piano
    1* power cable
    1* use english manual (other language ,please tell us e-mail )
    1* gift bag (Limited quantity, first come first served)
    1*sustain pedal

    1. the three generation, the thickened silicone keyboard, the thinnest control panel and the newest MIDI chips technol
    2. elegant body design, visual enjoymentogy. and comfortable touch feelings.
    3. the black key is 9MM higher than white key, as great as real piano.
    4. 128 tones,100 rhythms and 80 demos. you never knows it’s a good start for you learning piano.
    5. powerful and expressive, tones required by the most discriminating musician.
    6. Not just hand roll piano, but also MP3 player, Repeator, story-telling machine to play for you and your kids.
    7. Rechargeable Lithium Battery. no need dry batteries any more, more saving, more environmentally friendly.
    8. Can be connected with MIDI software, conduct music creation.
    9. External USB, SD card, suatain pedal, headphone and speaker.
    A. Electronic piano
    1. 88 keys internationally standard keyboard. the third generation keyboard with super strong dynamics and comfortable hand feeling.
    2. 24 bit microprocessor, three times faster, more standard music.
    3.Light and thin appearance design, concise and beautiful, with easy portability.
    4.5 diatonic scale.
    5.Built-in 128 kinds of tones.
    6.Built-in 100 kinds of rhythms.
    7.Built-in 80 demos, for learning and listening to the classics
    8.Built-in loudspeaker, mellow and excellent tones.
    9. Available to connect with headphones and external speakers.
    10.Built-in Lithium battery, rechargeable, no need battery any more.
    11.Can be connected with computer to edit the music you make. Also can use the piano learning software we offer you as a gift.
    B. Digital repeater and learning machine.
    1.Repeat without time limit. 2.Listen and read after. 3.Contrast function.
    C. Music player
    1. Available to insert SD card or USB to play music or tell story.


    1. The products with build-in battery affect to ship?

    you can connect computer to recharge, or use mobie plug instead of it

    2. The product why have no power plug?

    We have no gift a power plug, Although it is cheaper ,but we worry about quality certification questions, you can use mobile phone plug to connect our provided USB cable , it should have the quality assured.

    3. Z2 88 key and Z3 88 key difference and same

    The Z2 88 keys has only piano tone and it needs to be connected to a computer or stereo to get sound.
    The Z3 88 key has 128 tone, such as guitar, drum, harp, etc. It can be played directly with its own speaker.
    Same point is both to connect your computer to use MIDI functions, both to connect earphone

    3. The product gift list?

    49 key children piano,gift a piano study sticker
    hot sales 61 key roll up piano,gift a piano study sticker,a pedal,a bag
    hot sales 88 key roll up piano,gift a piano study sticker,a pedal,a bag
    All gifts are subject to the actual receipt

    4. The pressure is out of the two notes?

    All roll up Piano is using silicone material For portable , so it have no enough keys high, someone easy press to be two notes in an unfamiliar situation, Best ways try to push hard and enough time, Mastering and more practice it will be completely avoided double notes .

    5.About custom tax

    we are not responsibility for destination countries custom tax .so kindly remind buyer to check your country lower Tax-free amount, although sometimes we write lower value , the parcel once strictly inspected by custom , you still need to pay tax to clear custom. Rejection will lead to your goods and money losses.

    If you have any questions, please feel free contact us ,we will reply your questions in 24hour.
    Without communication, your bad reviews will increase my heart rate,thank you very much for any information 🙂

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